Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide a biblical and clinically sound standard of learning to train and equip the faith community in spreading the message of the good news.  Our vision is to train, equip and produce a generation of believers who can adequately engage the broken and through system navigation, biblical counseling, deliverance, and advocacy, can lead them back into the presence of God.


Here at the Faith Solutions University, we train professionals, faith leaders, and lay people to speak the language of the broken, provide healing, and ultimately lead them to Christ. Our courses are designed and instructed by world renowned masters-level faith leaders, clinicians and professionals.


Our various certifications are designed to establish a clinically and biblically sound standard for mental health ministry nationally and internationally. Ministry should not be taken lightly as we engage people who are most vulnerable. Our certifications establish the learner's basic knowledge in fundamental areas necessary for ministry workers

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